HOYA @ 140724 MNET M COUNTDOWN 10th Anniversary #호야 #인피니트
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140728 Suga at Sweden airport by SUGAling Days

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[!] Bangtan will be releasing their first full album on August 20th!
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to me, you are a work of art:
you are beautiful in every aspect
—you are loved and adored.
a masterpiece;

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Reblog this if you’re Yoonmin/Sugamin otp biased.
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Park Jimin is the most perfect creature on the face of this Earth and if you disagree then I will fight you to the death.

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Please Help


I have no right. NO right to ask any of you for help. But at this point I’m pretty desperate.

I’m trying to continue my schooling but I’m running out of funds and my parents won’t help because I lost my other job and can’t find a new one and they tell me my anxiety is “just an excuse for not wanting to go back to work”

Even if you can’t contribute, can you please just reblog this so it can get out there?

I can’t offer any sort of rewards unfortunately but I would be so forever appreciative of any help I can get.

Pretty pretty please don’t you ever ever feel like you’re less than fucking perfect

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Kyung truly gets cuter n cuter every comeback hes gaining momentum hes draining jaehyo of his vital energies :/

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